A blacksmith story

Over Cooled is a chaotic local co-op game about blacksmithing. Before your grandpa passed away, he wanted you to takeover his workshop which you've been living and playing since a little child. You don't have much knowledge in blacksmithing but you can't let him down...

Fight back and Restore Kingdom

Under Trained is a story about a military academy. This once beautiful and peaceful kingdom has torn apart by neighbor country. Soon after surrender, another invasion is brewing. In order to protect our homeland, this time, we must train our young men and fight back.

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Fancy a small tour to Hong Kong?

Find the Difference Hong Kong Tour is a classical find / spot the difference game. All photos are taken in Hong Kong including food and scenery. Rather than using photos from tourist spot, we take our time to go around different places to capture the beauty of Hong Kong.

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